Driverless cars in real life

I am all for Driver less cars….bring it on!

Digital Dimensions

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Driverless cars are no more imagination in a Science fiction novel or short story. It is soon going to be a reality in everyone’s life.

When I wrote a science fiction story in this blog, I mentioned a character of the short story using driverless car for shopping. Even though, autonomous cars were in my imagination, I never expected its arrival before 2030.

People who are car enthusiastic expected that it may be possible by 2030 or a bit later than that. Latest reports on leading newspapers suggest that the driverless cars are soon going to be tested on the roads of U.K from January 2015 in few selected cities. The selection of those cities will be based on a bid.

Driverless car senses its surroundings with the help of various techniques such as Radar, GPS, Computer vision, etc. and move accordingly. How is it possible…

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