Connections for a better, brighter future

In my personal life and work, the best things have come through connections. I have been a strong believer of connections. Some really do not understand what I am talking about. For example, I connected with some one over Xing (the German version of LinkedIn). I told him that I would like to connect with him and get to know more about him and his company. I asked if I could set up a call on Skype or over the phone. His response to me was “why?” I was amazed with this response and I wanted to say “because I love you.” Duhh! Anyway, I did not respond back on purpose for a few days. After a few days, I responded saying, that I would like to share business ideas and talk about processes and help each other in what ever way possible. Daniel Jordi is one of those people who really believe in this system like I do. He has tremendous knowledge on this topic and has mastered connecting with people.

Daniel Jordi

In my type of business, I normally find that speaking to people in your same industry has huge amounts of value. Just a 20 minute conversation could hold a tremendous amount of information or ideas that could be used to better a process or a system that you have been struggling with for a while. When I was the owner at Shogun Steakhouse in Tulsa, Oklahoma for several years. During our weekly manager meetings, I would ask a question and see what input I had from my management team. Some of the manager thought that I did not know what I was doing and therefore asking the questions. They were totally misguided. Some of my managers gave their best ideas and from that we were able to improve our processes, our service standards, and even save time by doing so. The reason for the questions like this is to find out what others are thinking (even though I knew the answer). Find out more insight to some thing that you have missed or even see the same situation from a different angle.

Connections are one of my keys to success. It not only helps me out, but also helps out the person I am connecting with. Make sure you connect with the right people. Not every connection is going to bring you business, results, better partnerships, better referrals, etc. To know more about connections, call me and I would be happy to talk to you about how to master the art of connecting. My email is: or you are welcome to call me on my mobile at +41 77 495 17 79.

IMG_5206 Modified with john

I am offering a one hour complementary consultation of your business or of a friend’s business (hotel, restaurant, catering, event). I would be happy to evaluate the business, figure out the challenges and give feed back for improvement. If you or some one you know is interested, give me a call on my mobile at +41 77 495 17 79 or email me at

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