Chef Dustin Stair – Creating new endeavors

Chef Dustin Stair is a Chef who worked for me for several years while I was the Director of Operations at the Marriott hotel in Tulsa. He came to us with great cooking skills and lot of enthusiasm. During his time with us, he learned a lot from managing the whole culinary department. The challenges he faced with staff and execution, gave him the courage and boldness he possesses today. It was not easy at the Marriott, since we had over 10000 Sq Ft. of meeting space split in to about 15 different banquet rooms and then to top it, the 7 outlets (Restaurants, bars and lounges) within the hotel that needed constant attention from our guests. All the more, all this space could be used with several different functions at the same time. The job was one that we different from ‘day to day’ and one that kept him on his toes. Thanks to Joe Gaudet (the General Manager) for his guidance, Chef Dustin was able to meet expectations and give our guests an impression to remember. I will not forget the days, he would come to my office and sit after a long day and we would just smile ear to ear even though it was time to just crash in bed, for the next day waited for another long and challenging 5000 meals at 6am in the morning.


Dustin says: “Food is the medium and a plate is my canvas, yet I become a hybrid artist and craftsman.” He goes on to say: “For the knife and sauce pans allow me to compose a symphony of flavorful flare only six senses could explore. It is said that people eat with their eyes, but in reality we eat with our mouths and our taste buds tell our minds what to think. Yet we yearn for the texture and temperature to enlighten our senses of touch and feel, most of all if we take one minute and listen closely the food will either whisper or sing to you.” Dustin Stair, an Arkansas native who has a love and admiration for great food and fine beverages spent years perfecting his love for cuisine, exploring different international tastes and styles. From the former Peabody Hotel, in Little Rock Arkansas as a young apprentice to the handful of ethnic restaurants and catering venues in Dallas working as both a cook and Sous Chef; his career catapulted to the Renaissance Hotel as a Sous Chef catering to large high end banquets that lead him to becoming the Executive Chef for Marriott Hotels in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma. “I learned a couple things during my tenure, cook food passionately and learn from a passionate chef. Today I am the passionate Chef Instructor that is molding aspiring students into the art and skill of cooking with precision and passion at the International Culinary Institute in Pharr, Texas.”

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Chef Dustin is active with the Texas Chefs Association and is part of a private caterer (providing Nuevo Texas Cuisine and Southern Fusion) to the foodies of South Texas. I am proud to have worked with Chef Dustin and know that he changes next generation culinary for our future. I look forward to knowing that the next generation will continue to inspire us, excite us, and continue this great legacy of the culinary experience.

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