About us

               uploaded 26th august 2012 060 Lounge at Shogun Steakhouse of Japan, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

About us:

We are Hotel and Restaurant Consultants who are available to support your business needs by developing, enhancing or implementing the current programs or business models. We specialize in improving your company’s efficiency and effectiveness through innovation, design, and introduction to new ways or even processes that will grow your business. We also are passionate about new business start ups and we can help you design, develop and establish your new Hotel, Restaurant, or Catering business.

About John Mathew:

I live in Switzerland with my family. I am an entrepreneur who is always looking for way to help others get ahead in Life. I am the CEO and Co Founder of Kalmat Foundation Inc. and I am an Independent Hospitality Consultant for John Mathew Consulting. I love meeting and connecting with family, friends, and people from around the world. I am a highly self motivated leader with execution excellence. I am proactive in making impossibilities a reality. I am a strong negotiator with good interpersonal and communication skills. I am excellent in analytical, modeling and strategic capabilities. I am a results oriented person with strong change management skills and the ability to respond quickly to any situation. Furthermore, I am an open minded innovative individual, with demonstrated problem-solving and decision making skills. I am able to stay calm and focused even in highly stressful situations.

Contact us:

9470 Buchs, SG, Switzerland

Telephone: +4177 495 17 79


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